1997 Lexus SC300 2.0

1997 Lexus SC300 2.0

spawn name: sc300a

Wanted188’s SC300 deserves some up to date techniques, so I took that car and totally redid LOD 0 with more modern tricks (vert ao, tweaked shader parameters, better textures) that we have learned along the way. This is an on-going project and I just decided to share because we’re shelving it till we finish other cars.

In the future the tail lights will probably be re-modeled and re-textured like Wanted188 and Hummingbird did with the headlights.

Shill corner:
If you want more of cars at this level of quality and beyond, why not check out my friend Wanted188’s shop here
This also has a custom sound mod by Aquaphobic available here .
Please consider supporting my good friends in lieu of supporting me if you like my work. Might motivate me to release more, who knows.

conversion – Wanted188(original convert), CipherOG
tuning parts – CipherOG
stock headlight rework – Hummingbird, Wanted188
car model – Playground Games (Forza)
additional screenshots – [ID-72] MΛX MΛYΉΣM, KCMIR0
breakable light setup general help – 13Stewartc

**if I forgot anyone let me know

– Includes SP files, Vehfuncs files for the wiper. SP car is fivem compatible, with working vanilla dials.
– Fully stock detailed car exterior/interior, body kits + a wide one (needs specific bumpers selected or else it will not match), 2jzgte swap
– Hands on steering wheel, Breakable glass, Full vertex AO inside and out, basic GTAV vehicle functions yada yada
– Functioning LODs (0-4)
– Detailed engine bay and interior, separately paintable dash/accents
– Dirt mapping
– Livery template

Mods that you need to download for full experience:
– IKT’s Manual Transmission
– RealZolika1351’s VehFuncsV (configs included)

What you will need (Single Player)
– game version: (2372 onwards) LS tuners and later
– proper gameconfig
– heap limit adjuster
– packfile limit adjuster
– place sc300a folder in: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
– go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml, open and add dlcpacks:/sc300a/

– VehFuncsV highly recommended, utilized for wipers, no 3D dials this time as Vehfuncs rpm doesn’t work with latest.
– If there are any glaring bugs on the car let me know. I haven’t done this in a while so I may have missed more than what I usually do.
– Screenshots were taken all throughout development and in different graphic mods so some parts might have a slightly different look in your game as the final mod.

Please avoid redistributing to other sites. Only uploaded in gta5-mods. Also, this is a FREE mod. If you paid for this, you were scammed.
Also please for the love of god/allah, don’t unlock the yft, delete the rear bumper, clip some random rear engine turbo/exhaust setup and call it your lambo style build for sale. Have some decency, convert your own. Or pay me.

Credits: CipherOG, Wanted188
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