[FDNC] Inventory V / Food, Drugs, Needs & Crafting 1.1

[FDNC] Inventory V / Food, Drugs, Needs & Crafting 1.1

• Inventory system for eating, drinking, abusing drugs and equipping armor (hold left on dpad or press I).
• Do drugs (meth, weed, cocaine).
• Create food recipes at your kitchen (using Home Ownership V).
• Need system (hunger, thirst, sleep (can be disabled in ini file by setting the need to -1, decrease rates can be adjusted too. 1000 = 1 second)).
When you stats are depleted, you CANNOT SPRINT!!!:
• 41 stores to purchase from (+ 6 post update) (+ 20 base game stores).
• Stores available in North Yankton.
• Fast food restaurants to buy burgers from (plus drive-thrus).
• Donut shops.
• Coffee shops.
• Hotdog stands (2).
• Restaurants (ramen noodles and sandwiches only for now)
• Pharmacies (for deludamol).
• Big stores (function same as base game stores, purchase food, drinks and ingredients)
• Weed dispensaries.
• Drug dealers (weed, meth, cocaine)
• Armor vendors.

• Soda (- 50 thirst)
• Beer (- 50 thirst)
• Ramen (- 50 hunger)
• Canned Corn (- 50 hunger)
• Hamburger (- 50 hunger)
• Hotdog (- 50 hunger)
• Sandwich (- 50 hunger)
• Donut (- 50 hunger)
• Dish (- 50 hunger)
• Coffee (- 50 thirst, – 10 sleep)
• Deludamol (Restores special ability)
• Weed (Gets you high)
• Cocaine (Gets you high)
• Meth (Gets you high)
• Tomato Soup (Ingredient)
• Vegetable Soup (Ingredient)
• Milk (Ingredient)
• Meat (Ingredient)
• Sausage (Ingredient)
• Eggs (Ingredient)
• Bread (Ingredient)
• Armor (Fills your armor completely)

On foot:

Press I on your keyboard.
Press and hold Left on the D-Pad for one second.

In car:
Press I on your keyboard.
Press and hold Left on the D-Pad AND RB (Cover button) for one second.

Drag and drop Inventory_V.dll and Inventory_V.ini folder, into your scripts folder.

Special thanks to nowa#4704, JesseLKL#2635, monkeymafia69#9983, TVI Records, Victor Nava, Stevethegamer55 and fred (nought) for supporting me on patreon!

VERS 1.1: Added shops to North Yankton.
Now you can open your inventory with your controller in a car.
Your need stats now save.
VERS 1: Base mod

Script Hook V
Script Hook VDotNET
Home Ownership V (for sleeping and kitchen crafting)

Credits: M8T
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